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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is an industry standard that defines interfaces to the TT platform management subsystem. It include remotely accessing the platform through standard messaging channels such as IPMI Over Serial, LAN, or Serial Over LAN (SOL) connections,as well as generating and sending a Platform Event Trap (PET) when a monitored event condition occurs.IPMI configuration can be carried out by different software programs and utilities both graphical user interface (GUI) and command-line interface (CLI) options available. Configuration can be divided into the following categories:

• Configuration of a LAN connection for IPMI messaging and alerting: Includes enabling IPMI communication over a LAN connection, selecting the source for the remote-access IP address (statically assigned or obtained using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), assigning a static IP address, choosing the highest privilege level allowed on the connection, and configuring virtual LAN (VLAN) settings and the baseboard management controller encryption key.

• Configuration of a serial connection for IPMI messaging and alerting: Includes setting the connection mode, baud rate, flow control, terminal mode, and highest privilege level allowed on the connection

• Configuration of a SOL connection: Includes enabling SOL and configuring the baud rate and settings for how characters should be accumulated and sent

• Configuration of IPMI remote-access users: Includes enabling users; assigning usernames, passwords, and privileges on each connection channel (LAN and serial); and enabling SOL payloads on the LAN connection

• Configuration of Platform Event Filters (PEFs): Includes enabling PEF alerting on the LAN connection, selecting actions to take, and configuring alert destinations

• Restoration of IPMI configuration parameters: Returns these parameters to the reconfigured default values



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