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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Secure Shell

Normally for logging in to any Linux  PCs, we use Telnet or ftp.But Communication will be happen in normal text mode.Any network hackers or network sniffers can hack our password.
Best method of logging remotely is Secure Shell(ssh).
In ssh login , Communication is happened through encrypted form.
Through this ssh connection, we can able to login to any Linux box without password also if configured.
This ssh service is run by sshd daemon.This is the daemon which is enabled by default.
Command Syntax : # ssh linux.test.com (where linux.test.com is the remote server)
After this command execution ,it will ask to add the generated  RSA key to  the file known_hosts in ~/.sshd/ Give yes to that line.then it will ask for password. Give password of root.
Now you are connected to remote linux server.
a.We can copy files from remote server and vice versa without logging in .
b.We can login without passwords.
These two will be discussed in coming post.


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